About me

My name is Louise and I live in Southeast Cornwall, United Kingdom

My life changed in 2018; my recovery continues and although I’ll never be 100%, I’m thankful to be alive. My experience has opened new doors, given me opportunities to meet new people and allowed me to become involved in exciting projects. Life has a funny way of showing of us what could be!

With a background in music and community education, my life of playing the saxophone has sadly had to be put on hold. However, new opportunities lay ahead and I’m actively working towards a career in Occupational Therapy. I volunteer at a Stroke rehab unit as part of the rehab team, I am a member of the hospital patient council, I support the intensive care unit and am an active member of the #RehabLegend campaign (rehablegend.com)

I have become a passionate patient advocate of ICU delirium, rehabilitation and the patient experience. I support healthcare professionals and patients, both past and present, by sharing my experiences, speaking at events and supporting research projects.

I want to use my experience in a positive way – I have the empathy and understanding of what it’s like to have your world changed in an instant. To wake up and not be able to do the things you did before. To have to learn to walk again, even write again. I know how hard it is………was, and I can use that knowledge to help others overcome their mountains.

My road is now very different and I’m excited about what the future holds.

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