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The day of my first EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy session had me feeling nervous. But, something quite unexpected happened before I’d even walked into the hospital building. Because of my previous ‘wobbles’ in the outpatient department, it had been arranged for my appointments to take place in a different part of the... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

“Whoever you are, what have you done with me”? This was something I found me asking myself every day.  Although I was settling in at home, it still didn’t feel right. I found myself looking at the time, thinking back to the ward and what happened at set times. In the evenings, at 8pm I would... Continue Reading →

Delirium Diary 11 – The End….Or Is It!

We’ve reached the end of my Delirium Diaries but there are a few loose ends! My deliriums fall into 2 categories: ‘I remember exactly’ and ‘odd bits’!  I have 10 vivid deliriums that absolutely, categorically happened. Now we know that they didn’t and that in reality it was my mind playing tricks because of infection, medication,... Continue Reading →

Was I really that ill?

I am extremely lucky that University Hospitals Plymouth have an excellent Intensive Care rehabilitation team. Patients are supported throughout their time in hospital and once discharged, continue to receive support in their recovery through follow up communications and multi-disciplinary team appointments. Patients also have access to psychological support through only one of a few psychologists... Continue Reading →

Lets do this!

Welcome to 'From Delirium to Reality' Today is the 21st November 2019. 12 months ago my life changed and as dramatic as that sounds, it's true! I won't bore you with the details just yet, but the short version of my story is that what should've been a routine surgical procedure......went wrong! What should have... Continue Reading →

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