Walking To My Parents

Whilst lying on the bed for what seemed like forever, I became really aware of my surroundings. I was still attached to so many bags and drips, one of which was TPN. ‘Total Parenteral Nutrition’ was my food.  Tailor made to my bodies needs every day, it went through my ‘PICC’ line straight into my bloodstream, bypassing my gastrointestinal tract, which was useful – because mine was u/s! TPN would become my nemesis as you’ll find out in later blog posts!

I also realised that it was December. I had no sense of time, of how long I’d been in hospital but judging by the advent calendar on my table, I guessed Christmas was on it’s way and Christmas was my absolute favourite time of the year. But this Christmas would be like no other.

Day 2 on Crownhill and I was awake early. I felt like I’d actually slept! When my consultant team arrived shortly before 8am, I was ready for them but they weren’t ready for me! I had questions and I wanted to know what was going on. They saw my smiley face and quickly came to realise that I would do whatever they asked of me as long as they were honest with me!

I was helped to wash and dress but was tiring of being so weak. Outside I could see it was cold and frosty and I was so desperate to feel the cold air – it was hot and stuffy on the ward. I was already getting bored which was a sign to me that I was starting to feel a little better. Previously I had been happy to lie in bed and snooze but now I needed something to do; I just didn’t have the strength or stamina.

Hannah my physio visited and after some exercises we walked to the end of the bay and back. I was still weak but I wasn’t as wobbly. It was quite a relaxed day, watching the comings and goings of staff who I was getting to know a little bit more every day. In the afternoon my parents came to visit and shortly after them, Hannah returned. She’d found herself with a few spare minutes and decided another walk was in order.  My parents hadn’t seen me move for 3 weeks and I wanted them to see what I could do – who knew walking would be such an exciting experience! I asked them to sit in the relatives’ room and told them that I would ‘walk’ to them.

The challenge was set and I could feel the emotions building inside me and Hannah knew how important this walk would be. I took my first few steps and when we got to the end of the bay, near to the relatives room Hannah sneakily said we’d need to walk a little further first! I walked half way up the corridor and back to the room where my parents were waiting. I was exhausted and breathless and it was emotional but the joy on their faces will be something I will never forget.

Their Daughter was slowly getting better.

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