What’s It Like To Have Delirium?

Shortly after my blog was launched in late 2019, I was approached by a BBC Journalist keen to learn more about my story.

At first I was suspicious – I didn’t want my story sensationalised or for the tear in my Oesophagus to be dramatised as a medical failure! Thankfully the Journalist was super lovely, completely intrigued by Delirium and who had a crazy idea of writing a feature article on my story!

After I’d finished laughing, I realised they were serious and the planning began. In collaboration with students from Plymouth College of Art, the animation was created and the voiceover done by myself.

The written feature piece and animation were launched to coincide with World Delirium Day in March 2021 (delayed by 12 months due to Covid). Initially uploaded to the BBC News regional website, the piece made it onto the main BBC News homepage, with thousands of people watching and reading, numbers growing by the hour. It was crazy! I even appeared on my regional news programme, BBC Spotlight!


But the best thing to come from the project was that it opened doors and created a pathway for past ICU patients and their relatives to seek help. The ICU rehab team at University Hospitals Plymouth were inundated with calls and enquiries asking how they, or a loved one, could get support for Delirium.

And this is why I share my story: To help others; To give others the opportunity to seek help; To help healthcare professionals shape their practice and most importantly; To help others know they aren’t alone.

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